Is It Ready to Come Out Now, America?

As of November 6, 2012, the answer is a loud, beautiful “YES” from the states of Maryland, Maine, and Washington, the newest inductees into the Hall of Common Sense. These three join 6 other states in legalizing gay marriage. This is technically “old” news, but I have been reveling in the post-elections fervor and staying away from the blog until all the excitement/frustration began to die down. People are still exhilarated/outraged by the results, but at least the campaign ads are gone. Praise the gods.

Now, unless you’ve been living beneath a rock, the winner of the electoral and popular votes was-

Obama - Batman Slapping RobinBut I don’t need to tell you. The whole world already knows by now. Thank all that is great and beautiful – the elections are over.

And there was a lot of exciting news, which you’ve also probably heard about already. Big wins and great PR for the LGBT community. Democrats triumphed. Marijuana is a couple of steps closer to being legalized. Health care is becoming more and more accessible to lower class individuals and families.

So- huzzah! Elections season is over! So stop trying to kill each other about politics (which are all just silly anyway) and fly! Be free! You’ve done your duty as a voting American (or not) and now we can stop talking about elections. Elections elections-


Okay, it’s out of my system.

Carry on, America. All is right again (Well, as “right” as it ever was.)

Oh, and petitions have been made by at least one person in all 50 states to secede because of the election results. *sigh* People are stupid.

Thoughts? Comments? Want me to shut up about elections? Leave your feedback below!


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