A Cigar’s Just a Cigar

Last night, I had a really weird, but interesting dream. However, about five minutes after waking up, I had already forgotten 96.8% of it. What I did remember is as follows:

I was Hugh Laurie making out with an attractive woman on a sofa. 

And that is the extent of my memory. So, anyone care to take a crack at that? What do dreams really mean, for God’s sake? Is it like obscure, arrogant literature – it’s all symbolism; everything stands for something; you falling into a gaping hole in the ground is obviously indicative of the social strife that you perceive in this empty society around you?

But what if it just means you’re afraid of heights (and getting sucked into the earth)? I think dreams do have meaning, but you can’t analyze it like you do a novel in your junior English class. I wish I could find the source, but I remember reading a theory that something that happens in a dream could be completely unrelated to what it really “means” in the “real world.” Maybe you falling into a gaping whole means you’ve been craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – just the way momma made them. How are we ever to know?

Does dreaming that I’m the ever luscious Hugh Laurie mean that I wish I were him? Plausible. His life doesn’t look too bad – not that I would really know what his life is really like. If I were him, I’d be able to switch between gruff and sexy American accent to kind, intelligent English accent in a snap. I’d have a wide following of adoring, rabid fangirls…

Hugh Laurie posing sexy on a bear rug

“Do I distract you?”

But I digress.

Perhaps it has something to do with my inner masculine. Biologically, I am female. I identify as female, but there is no denying some masculine aspects to my personality. Everyone has their own mixture of feminine-masculine traits. Some can be seen more clearly than others, but then there is always a gray area. And it is unfortunate how stigmatized it is at times. In general, it is definitely more acceptable for a woman to act “manly” than it is for a man to act “girly.” So get off your high mares, feminazis; guys don’t always have it better.

Anyway, to get back to talking about dream interpretations (much more important than discussing actual social issues, obviously, obviously) – what does it all mean? And does it even really matter? Unless you’re having legitimate premonitions about the fate of a bus of school children careening off a cliff or about lottery numbers, I say don’t stress about it. Maybe a dream is nothing more than just some chemicals sloshing around in your head as your brain cleans up the day’s mess and prepares for a new day ahead. Maybe we should just enjoy being able to survive a fall into a gaping hole in the ground or, better yet, getting attention from the ladies while in the form of Hugh Laurie.

Yeah, let’s just enjoy it. Maybe Hugh is just Hugh. Yep, enjoying it.


Had any crazy dreams lately? What do you think about dream interpretation?


4 thoughts on “A Cigar’s Just a Cigar

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  2. I’d like to think that dreams are messages of something more. After all we only use such a small percentage of our brains’ full capacity. I began working in the sleep industry to find such answers. In return, and 4 years later I still have no answers 😦 only hours and hours of sleep debt.

    Interesting dream though. Often such vivid images are those which stay with you the longest and you forget the rest. I generally remember more of my dreams the deeper I try to recall a scene in my mind.

    • The sleep industry? That sounds very interesting. And very exhausting.

      And part of the reason I remembered this part of my dream was because it was suddenly triggered while I was watching a furniture commercial. Furniture, chairs, sofas, couches… OMG I was Hugh Laurie on a sofa! 😛 The mind is a beautiful, strange thing.

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