World Theatre Day: Get Your Dose of Culture

March 27th, to those of you who don’t know, is World Theatre Day.

I’m not a theater major. I do not see very many live stage performances – not for lack of interest, but for lack of moolah. I have dabbled, though. In high school, I played a lord and a microcharacter named William in As You Like It my freshman year. In my senior year, I entered the National Shakespeare Competition, placing 1st in my school and 2nd at state. (Just one spot away from going to Nationals, but let me tell ya, the girl that placed 1st at state definitely deserved it – watch the 2012 Nationals here). The closest activity I’ve done to theater recently is making a semi-interesting presentation about Internet regulation for an ethics class.

O the exciting life I have.

If I were any good at sonnets, I’d write a sonnet. Anyway, World Theatre Day isn’t just about Shakespeare; it’s about all theatre! So check out your local live entertainment and plan on attending a play. Maybe you can find a broadcast of a play. A couple months ago I went with a friend to see The Last of the Haussmans National Theatre broadcast at a local theater. That was great fun.

Go on and get some culture in your life!

[Watch a video about the history and impact of Commedia Dell’Arte – National Theatre]

Do you participate in theater or other live performance arts? What’s your favorite play or piece of theatrical work?

2 thoughts on “World Theatre Day: Get Your Dose of Culture

  1. Other performance arts than giving talks? Nope. But I would enjoy good play if I had someone to go with 😉 Favorite play? “May Day” I guess. Comedies in general, nothing pretentious 🙂

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