I Regretfully Regret: Cramming for Physics

Wait, wait, I know this isn’t all that original. “A college student procrastinating on important college work? Oh me, oh my.” But hold on and just read the damn post. Humor me.

Indeed, “Procrastination” is my middle name – a middle name I’m sure I share with plenty of you, college students or otherwise.

As you may remember, I recently started a new post series called “I Regretfully Regret” – which was supposed to be weekly, but cut me some slack. I’m a lazy college student, remember? This week, my Regretful Regret is cramming for a physics midterm and here is why:

  1. Physics is damn tough.
  2. What the hell is Bernoulli’s equation again?
  3. When did my handwriting get so bad?
  4. Crap, I can’t figure out half of what I wrote down for notes
  5. Is that a “t” or a “w”?
  6. Calculator… battery dead? Nooooooooo… Must scramble through a dozen and two drawers to find batteries.
  7. 1:43 a.m. – if I finish in half an hour, I’ll still get approximately 5 hours and 47 minutes of sleep
  8. 2 hour session of alternating among studying, YouTubing, and crying
  9. 4:12 a.m. – can still get 3 hours and something something minutes of sleep [oh no, my math skills have died]
  10. Inject emergency caffeine supply into arm. Head to class.

Stay in school, kids, and practice healthy study habits.

Yeah, right.

What is a recent Regretful Regret you have? If you’re a student, do you have any school-related regrets to share? (Don’t lie – we know you have plenty). Share them in the comments!

14 thoughts on “I Regretfully Regret: Cramming for Physics

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  2. I kind of regretfully regret not replying to this one email from my professor just to say thanks for all the kind words and constructive feedback he’s given me over the semester. And for just generally being a super cool dude.

    …actually, I might go do that now.

  3. I always regret not starting on my term papers earlier. I always do lots of research, gathering up lots of notes and resources to use early in the term, then I let it sit until a week or so before the deadline. Then it is a huge OMG-it’s-due-when freakout, followed by many evenings of “Don’t talk to me, I’m working. No, I don’t have any time to watch our favorite shows.” This is usually followed by wailing and pity sessions, which are only stopped with chocolate and popcorn treats.

    • Ugh, I totally feel you there. Fortunately this term I don’t have many writing-intensive classes, but I have definitely gone through that routine before. (But I resort to indulging in trail mix and watching clips of Parks and Recreation on Youtube…)

      Cheers and happy procrastinating.

  4. I regretfully regret moving to Berlin from Frankfurt, where my first flat caught fire and I had to refurbish two rooms of parkett floors, my 2nd flat caught fire and I had to refurbish the kitchen, and finally, my 3rd flat burnt down completely. In Frankfurt my dream flat caught fire but only the stove and a shelf was damaged, so if I’d stayed in Frankfurt I’d probably still have a 15,000€ wardrobe, a Mainhatten Skyline, a car and a new stove, not dog poo on every corner and a 40sqm flat with no ventilation in the kitchen. I so regret that stupid impusive choice.

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