He-e-e-re’s Johnny, It’s Ali-i-i-i-ve! (and Other Resurrection Cliches)

Lucy, I’m home!

You may not be America’s favorite oldies redhead, but I ain’t a crooning Hispanic man either. In any case, after a summer filled with Hangover-meets-Mister-Magoo-esque shenanigans, Stressed Out Student is back! I know you recurring readers have missed me awfully and have felt just a little bit emptier these past few months, so I applaud you for your verve and undying tenacity. Well, folks, the drought of quality humor and deep societal insight is over! I’m making it rain!

Metaphorically, of course. I’m still a college student, so the making of the fiscal rain is postponed. Wait, that turned out to be a mixed metaphor. Sorry, I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll be back in tip top creative, sarcastic shape in no time. This upcoming week, to make up for lost time (time very well spent, actually), I will be posting each day leading up to that harrowing date of September 30 – the first day of Fall Quarter 2013. (Cue clattering lightning).

To the familiar faces, I’ve missed you all. To the new faces, stick around, you might learn something.

Or at the very least, smile and hate your life just a little bit less. That is all.

How was your summer? Do anything great, exciting, irresponsible? Share it in the comments (even if you thought your summer was boring as Hell – you’re special, too).


10 thoughts on “He-e-e-re’s Johnny, It’s Ali-i-i-i-ve! (and Other Resurrection Cliches)

  1. Even though I am one month late still I would like to say, welcome beck and that you were sourly missed! Unfortunately my term examinations are starting tomorrow and I can hardly manage to breathe so if I actually do manage to survive this I shall read your other posts too!

    • Haha, indeed, where I live colleges start the last week of September. However, that’s because we get out in mid June. And actually, I’m in the states, too 😉 Most of my friends have already been in school for the past month, as you experience it. I love going to school later than others, even if it means being let out for summer a little later, too.

  2. It’s good to see you back! I’m starting a new semester after a year’s leave of absence from college — I took time out to look after my mother who was really, really sick last year…..the most stressful time of my life. Thankfully, after major surgery, she is getting better.

    Summer was good. It passed by very quickly and it feels strange to start studying again. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to study! I look forward to your upcoming blog posts. Welcome back to WordPress! 🙂

    • And glad to be back. Great to hear that you’re doing well and things are looking up! Summer always seems to pass slowly while you’re in the midst of it, but afterward you always wonder “Where the heck did it all go???” Summer hangover, here we come.

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