‘Twas the Night Before College

Is it cheap to reblog one of your own posts from your own site? Maybe, but I can’t really care right now as classes start tomorrow and it’s almost midnight. Screw it.

Here’s a poem I wrote two years ago, when I had yet to become a part of this post-secondary pandemonium, when I was still bright-eyed and fresh, a pristine vessel ready to be filled with the creamy wisdom that college had to offer.

No, that wasn’t sexual. Just read the damn poem.

Stressing Out College

Dedicated to my fellow victims of pre-college jitters.

‘Twas the night before college, when all through my head
My thoughts formed a clutter of worry and dread.
The fears of what lay ahead of me were deep,
Preventing my mind from getting some sleep.

I sprang from my bed in my jittery distress.
“If I don’t sleep right now, I’ll wake up a hot mess.”
But these questions wouldn’t stop agitating my mind,
Bombarding me from the front and from the behind.

Will there be people I meet, who will like me for me?
Or will I have to compete in a social Grand Prix?
I’ll oil my engine and shine up my hood.
Heck, who am I kidding? I’m a loner for good.

Is everything ready, my supplies all set?
Is there anything that I happened to forget?
What if I’m late or I can’t find my class?

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