Scrap Paper Poetry #1: Finnish Philosophy Professor

This is the crap product of sitting through the first 4 hour evening class of the quarter… where I learn about nothing more than the syllabus… and listen to the professor spout out argumentative gobble-di-gook:

Sitting in Philosophy

at half past eight o’ clock,

The professor’s a dichotomy

of a Finnish doc and cock.

He struts and clucks and flaps his arms

about arguments of incredulity-

O, the pedantry, the deductive absurdity,

this King of Meta-Normativity.

Yeah, he’s Finnish. He’s got the Swedish Chef twang going on. (Yes, that was political incorrectness. No, I do not give a damn.)

The first in a series of poems that I write in the margins of my notebook or on class handouts that I care little for. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Scrap Paper Poetry #1: Finnish Philosophy Professor

  1. Heh, philo. Can’t wait until junior year to start out on this one /s. Theology’s already giving me a hard time.
    I heard one of our professors here even had a whole 120min period dedicated for a lecture to “ano ang meron, at ano ang pagmemeron?” (“what is to have, and what is having”). Since it’s philosophy, anything goes.

  2. You’re back! Sorry — I’m a little slow on the uptake. Good to see your cheery face again. But… you’re really just starting classes now? Weird. We’re well into the swing of things already over here.

    • Yep! Just starting classes. In my state, most of the public universities start in late September because we don’t get out until mid-June. I love it πŸ™‚ And thanks for the belated excitement for my return.

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