Scrap Paper Poetry #4: We Proudly Serve the Starbucks Overlords

Starbucks Sleeve Poetry Ramblings

It takes a customer asinine

To get 12 oz. of coffee for 4.89.

But we do it anyway

Because we really are stupid, okay?

So just get back to your overpriced joe

And let the StarBorg through you flow.

the manufactured addiction to overpriced food and drink
and the creation of a uniform “gathering place”
around the world for people to sit on their laptops “socializing.”


2 thoughts on “Scrap Paper Poetry #4: We Proudly Serve the Starbucks Overlords

  1. I take it you’re not a Starbucks fan then? Hmm, I can see where you’re coming from but when I’m desperate for a latte, Starbucks fulfils that craving very well. I keep hearing people raving about their pumpkin spice lattes and I haven’t tried one yet! But in general, I think it’s better to support small coffee shops rather than huge global chains.

    • Starbucks and I have a complicated love-hate relationship. I am a creature of comfort and habit and having three four Starbucks on campus doesn’t help. It’s an oddly addictive place. Like it’s “cool” and adult-like to get a drink from Starbucks…

      Right on about the local shops. So much more practical and impactful than buying from the MegaBucks and the like.

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