101 Damnations: 101 Stressed Out Ramblings

Because I, like every neurotic narcissistic individual on the Internet, enjoy celebrating mundane trivialities.

Here on Stressing Out College, we kicked off the new year a week late with post No. 100, appropriately about my love of new years resolutions. 100, a round number, aesthetically pleasing, easy to work with in math. Who cares- I’m just making up a reason to post and liven up this place a little bit.

A lot of my previous ideas on this blog lost steam with me and I’ve been having issues rediscovering my inspiration. There’s only so many ways I can say that college and life stresses me out and that some people or institutions are stupid. The only recurring segment that I’ve been keeping up with is the Scrap Paper Poetry, which I’ve actually been rather happy about. A series that I did way back in the third age of this blog was Transportation Tuesday, which I’ll be bringing back. Don’t know why I ever stopped it. Public transportation is loaded with comedic material. And I’ll be starting a monthly series in February reading and reviewing a book from my neglected book shelf, so… we’ll see how that pans out.

But to cut to the real meat of these cojones, what I really wanted to do was plug my other blog: The Big Blog of All the S#!t I KnowWhy everyone should be following me around and listening to what I have to say.

Big Blog of All the Shit I Know Logo

Shameless self-promotion time: While I rant on Stressing Out College about random topics loosely related to school or Monty Python or whatever it is that I tend to write about on here, The Big Blog of All the S#!t I Know is where I share my thoughts on society, civilization, organic relationships, and universal ecology. A bit heavier topics, but not without the sarcastic lightness you’ve come to know and love from me. ((Insert cheesy smile here)) Plus, I tend to swear more there. And they have cookies*. So please go check it out!

And finally, I would just like to say thank you to all my readers (yes, all five of you). Without you folks, I’d just be that crazy-haired chick at your local street corner constantly muttering to herself about how awesome Oscar Wilde and Monty Python are and wouldn’t it be great if education wasn’t so frustrating…

So thank you and let’s make this year even more stressful than the last.



*Just Internet cookies. Sorry, not sorry.


2 thoughts on “101 Damnations: 101 Stressed Out Ramblings

  1. You know, I would love to write for your blog(the blog about s#!t) but if I do then I am afraid all your readers would run away (yes all 500 of them)! Because I am too serious for even a serious blog. Plus I am too strongly opinionated. Anyways if you would like to sample out the shit that I have written my blog is just one click away. (But don’t click it; no, seriously, don’t) But do count me as a reader. 🙂

    And don’t worry you’ll get out of this slump. Here take this pat on the back. And from someone who has almost crossed over, don’t worry it does get more stressful. Caio

    • Mr. AD, you are always rather self-effacing and quite frankly there is no such thing as being too strongly opinionated – not on the interwebs, of course. Your content would be marvelous on my s#!tty blog. If you want to write a post or send me a post you’d like to see on my site, go right on ahead and show it to me. It can be on pretty much any topic you’d like. I see you’ve written on atheism and agnosticism. Your views are very interesting and I would be very happy to have them on my blog.


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