Scrap Paper Poetry #9: Final Final Finally Finished

Scrap Paper Poetry #9 | Stressing Out College

Final final finally finished:
My mind is numb, all brain waves diminished.
But the year is over and I can easily breathe;
Summer is here, a much needed reprieve.
For the next three months, I’m as free as a bird
And I won’t have to be forced to etch another word
Of a god awful essay or droll presentation,
I can start on my packing for summer vacation.
My hairs are a little grayer
And I’m now relying on Bayer,
But exams have been vanquished-
Final final finally finished.

Well, another year has come to a close and another summer has approacheth’d. I don’t need any excuses for my fauxetry. My brain might now be a charred lump of coal after this past harrowing year, but that ain’t gonna stop me from trying to have a kick ass summer vacation. Fellow stressed out students – rejoice! 

6 thoughts on “Scrap Paper Poetry #9: Final Final Finally Finished

  1. It still one full month before I can have that pleasure! But then again my next holidays will be more of a permanant kind, unless of course I manage to find a job. Well that’s for then.

    Now does this mean that we won’t be hereing from you for then next three months? Well irrespective of that have a happy vacation and, since I managed a concession on this wish, a happy next term as well!

    • Not quite three months. I was gone for about a month, but am now back. Hopefully, if laziness doesn’t completely eat me up, I’ll write about my [mis]adventures. Happy vacation to you, as well!

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  3. I finished a week ago and this past week has been spent luxuriating in the knowledge that I can do what I what and read non-academic books without feeling guilty. Yay!

    Congratulations on finishing the academic year. 🙂

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