What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write About (or How to Waste Time)

Ok, here we go, getting back to regularly blogging. Ok. *attempts to crack knuckles* Ow. Ok, ok, let’s see what we have here. A title. Good, good, at least we have a title. Is it funny? Who am I kidding, it’s a riot. Eh, it’s all right, but it’s 11 PM and that final episode of Dexter was freaking disappointing. I mean really – did any of the writers, actors, producers give a flying fart anymore about what happened in the show? And why did they-

Focus. Focus. Blog post. All right what’s funny, what’s funny. Uh, procrastinating. Er, no, not procrastinating, there’s nothing to procrastinate yet. So let’s procrastinate on procrastinating. Next.

Write about my summer? Ech, long story, too lazy. TL;DR: “too lazy; didn’t (w)rite”.

Tee hee, I’m clever.

Starting over – what do I want to write about? What is it that I just can’t wait to share with the world (or my small corner of it on WordPress)? Meditate, meditate, ooooooohm, oooooohhm, oooo… Falling asleep *slap slap* What’s the time? Great, I’ve only passed 2 minutes. Ugh, what am I going to write about???!

Well, at least I’m writing again, priming the pump for some actually interesting and entertaining writing… Oh no, I’m going to lose readers, aren’t I? This is crap, this is CRAP!!! C-R-A-P CRAP. Wait, only at about 290 words – Must. Write. More.

Words, words, words, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, klaatu barata nikto-

Oh, check the news- no, too lazy. Look around the room for inspiration- egad, what a mess. I really should clear my desk of all that crap. Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Who am I kidding, I’m too lazy.

In conclusion: I’m too lazy to give you a decent post. So there. *raspberry*

(Slowly getting back into the swing of things. I promise to have a quality post tomorrow. Pinky swear.)