World Theatre Day: Get Your Dose of Culture

March 27th, to those of you who don’t know, is World Theatre Day.

I’m not a theater major. I do not see very many live stage performances – not for lack of interest, but for lack of moolah. I have dabbled, though. In high school, I played a lord and a microcharacter named William in As You Like It my freshman year. In my senior year, I entered the National Shakespeare Competition, placing 1st in my school and 2nd at state. (Just one spot away from going to Nationals, but let me tell ya, the girl that placed 1st at state definitely deserved it – watch the 2012 Nationals here). The closest activity I’ve done to theater recently is making a semi-interesting presentation about Internet regulation for an ethics class.

O the exciting life I have.

If I were any good at sonnets, I’d write a sonnet. Anyway, World Theatre Day isn’t just about Shakespeare; it’s about all theatre! So check out your local live entertainment and plan on attending a play. Maybe you can find a broadcast of a play. A couple months ago I went with a friend to see The Last of the Haussmans National Theatre broadcast at a local theater. That was great fun.

Go on and get some culture in your life!

[Watch a video about the history and impact of Commedia Dell’Arte – National Theatre]

Do you participate in theater or other live performance arts? What’s your favorite play or piece of theatrical work?

Tripping the Light Sophomoric

Sophomoric (sof-uh-mawr-ik, –mor-):

1. of or pertaining to a sophomore or sophomores.

2. suggestive of or resembling the traditional sophomore; intellectually pretentious, overconfident, conceited, etc., but immature.

Well, you’re sophomoric,

After a year of experiencing the ups and downs and diagonals of freshman year, here we are. Last year, I made the decision to drop the blogging to focus on suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous workloads, taking up arms against the sea of pressures, and by opposing… survive the year! Thank you. Hold the applause.

Shakespeare Seriously Noob

Sorry, Billy

Butchering of Hamlet aside, again – here we are! And here’s the deal – my new school year resolution: I am resuming chronicling the college experience for this Average Jill, peppering in current events, and subjects not necessarily related to higher education. If you’re a returning subscriber, things are going to be a little different around Stressing Out College. If you’re new, then welcome and Viva La Stressolution! I have been enlightened by a year of college education and being surrounded by already enlightened beings and holy intellectuals. One year and a dozen essays and exams later, I am one leap closer to becoming one of the light!

Just kidding. Long and the short of it – Stressed Out Student is back and raring to go for another school year. The real new school year resolution list:

1. Blog more

2. Blog more without sacrificing quality over quantity

3. Quit smoking

4. Quit drinking

5. Quit the may-ri-joo-ah-nuh

6. Make this relationship work. Because it wasn’t you. It was me. (But it was kind of you, too.)

7. Keep the sarcasm down

Already, I can tell I’ll only be able to keep one of these. So follow along, fellow interwebbers, as I trip around on my light sophomoric toes.

Cheers to the new-ish school year!


P.S. And here’s a link to the interesting possible origin of the phrase “trip the light fantastic:”

Vacational Cerebral Atrophy (A.K.A. Getting Dumber over the Summer)


Anywhere from 2 weeks ago to 2 months ago, students across the U.S. of A. were released from their annual 10 month sentence of incarceration. No more confinement with scheduled “outside” hours. No more having to ask to go to the bathroom (and getting coldly rejected). No more trips to the warden in the detentional hall. And definitely no more menial labor for “our benefit.” Because guess what? It’s summertime, baby.

It is summertime! Well, in school terms, it’s summertime. The summer solstice occurs around June 20th, so technically, it’s still spring when most schools get out. But that’s not important. What is important is the fact that – unless you’re going to summer school – there is no freaking school for 3 months. Heck. Yes.

I am Superman

And develop superhuman flying abilities

As soon as the final bell rings, you and your peers break through the rusty prison – I mean school – doors, rip off your shirts/pants and unleash a victorious warcry signalling your survival of yet another school year. Bring on the fun and the laziness! Yeah, everyone go to my house. I’ll provide the music – you bring the booze and he’ll bring the textbooks – to burn! (Of course you wouldn’t do this because you’re more responsible than that. Yeah.)

So for the next 3 months, the words “homework,” “study,” “set alarm clock,” “all-nighter,” and all their associations will automagically vanish from your vocabulary. You will purge your system physically and mentally of all mention of the mandatory institution that is public education and you will let yourself go in every way possible to make up for the past 10 months of academic brain-frying. Also, you’re trying to get a head start for next year because hey, you are a proactive fellow with goals and priorities and all that good stuff.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll even forget how to read and write! Suck that, Education System. All that work teaching me for nothin’! Aint it awsum!!!1 These next three months will be cycling between partying, screwing up my sleeping schedule, getting a tan from the sun, getting a tan from my computer screen, and wasting all the time in the world (three months’ time).

One of my high school teachers: Why don’t you utilize [he’s the kind of guy that says “utilize” instead of just plain “use”] your summer break to improve yourself and further your education?

Random Student: Dude, why would I wanna’ do that?

High School Teacher: Students always complain they don’t have enough time, when they are the ones that have plenty of time. Make yourself a more valuable person. Build yourself for success.

Random Student: … Sounds like work.

High School Teacher: *In-your-soul-and-inner-thoughts-stare* Just go kick some academic butt.

Huh? You mean, actually do… meaningful stuff over summer break?… Is that even legal? What about having fun and purging all traces of school from our systems? What? Pshaw, the future is the future – it ain’t here yet, so I don’t have to worry about it. So buck off, Old Timer.

Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?

Caption not needed

To the point of this entry: summer doesn’t have to be a waste of time. You don’t have to let yourself struggle your first week of school just because you forgot everything you ever learned and thus have to waste the first month of the next school year refreshing lessons from the first grade. Do I sound like a party-pooping old fart? Unfortunately, I kind of do.

Regardless, just make a list of things you want to accomplish or try or just plain do this summer. Give yourself a goal. A lot can be done in three months: travelling to Cambodia, learning a language, developing a new mathematical theorem applicable to quantum physics. Lots can be done! So don’t just sit and regret not doing things. (Conversely, don’t do things that you’ll regret doing – but I don’t want to get too old-fart-preachy.)

Here are some things you can do to make the most of your summer (Hint: Links provided for clarification. Click on them.):

So get out there and reach your potential! Explore the unexplored! Achieve the unachieved! Unleash the… leashed…

Just go!

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