6 Days, 12 Cups of Tea, 10000 Words

Phew, excuse… me… I just… whew… let me catch my breath… I… uh… two seconds…

We are experiencing biological difficulties. Please enjoy this video as we get oxygen back into our lungs.

We now bring you back to your irregularly scheduled post.

Why was I capriciously out of breath just now? “Why??” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: I just got done doing a victory lap around this Barnes & Noble. It has a larger perimeter than I had initially thought.

It’s a week into NaNoWriMo¬†and over 280,000 writers around the world have written a gazillion (give or take) words of their respective burgeoning novels. And that’s only counting the people signed up on the official website. After falling behind a couple days and wallowing around 6000-something words, I got my act together and sat myself down in this bookstore, turned on Pandora, and got myself a Grande no-water Chai. From reading a comment from my previous NaNo post, I checked out the site Write Or Die, a web app that serves as a motivational tool for freewriting. Highly recommend it.

So after writing on and off for roughly two hours, I cranked out over 3,000 words and passed the 10,000 word mark!

NaNoWriMo Day 6

Whoot, whoot. So far, so good. With this, I am in awe of the people who are already at double this word count and have set incredible goals for themselves this month. With this fountain pen – just imagine I’m holding a sophisticated fountain pen in one hand and a glass of wine in the other – I salute you. Stay strong, fellow Wrimos!

[What is my book about? Well, when I find out myself, I’ll be sure to let you know.]

And in unrelated, but far more important news…


The game is afoot.

How are your NaNo endeavors going so far? As always, feel free to add me as a writing buddy and I’ll make sure to provide you with plenty of empty encouragement and a competitive spirit.