Update: I’m Abandoning Y’all for the Mormons

So for the next 2-3ish weeks, I’ll be hanging out in Utah with a couple of friends in the woods, doing morally questionable activities, and (hopefully) having the a time of our lives.

If you need to reach me, I might return to civilization intermittently within these next couple weeks – but likely not. So really, if you need to reach me, you’ll likely have to find me in person in Uinta National Forest. Good luck. I’ll probably be the only Asian for miles, so it shouldn’t be that tough.

Check out my other blog for a slightly more detailed update.

Other than that, I hope you folks enjoy your next couple weeks without me. I’ll miss you and I’ll have fun with you in mind.


Word Game: “Springing Up on a Wednesday”

Rhymes, riddles, Scrabble,¬†Green Glass Door… Who doesn’t like a good word game?

Here’s a word game for everyone who enjoys all of the above. Good for passing the time, whilst working the Broca gears in that sharp noggin of yours (and whoever you’re going up against).

Think Pink - Stressing Out College

Players: It requires at least two people to play.

Time limit: Usually it’s just however long it takes for the person to guess the answer, but you can add a time limit if you folks are up to it.


Think of a two-part phrase, where one part rhymes with the other part.

Let’s pick “cattle battle.”

Inform your opponent(s) how many syllables your phrase has by following the “Think Pink” formula:

1 syllable per part = Think Pink

2 syllables per part = Thinky Pinky

3 syllables per part = Thinkity Pinkity

4 syllables per part = Thinkiditty Pinkiditty


For “cattle battle,” you would tell your opponent(s) that you are thinking of a “Thinky Pinky.”

Finally, give them a creative clue for them to figure out what your phrase is.

(“Cattle battle”): A violent altercation among bovine.

And there you have it. Really dig deep into those creativity centers for your clues. Make them obscure, make them funny, make them long-winded – but keep them fair. Be creative with both the clues and the Think Pinks.

Can you figure out the “Think Pink” that I’ve put in this post? Check out the title of the post for the clue. The first person to guess it will get a feature on this blog in an upcoming post!

Get it, got it, good? Can you think of some Think Pinks for us to figure out? Post them in the comments or even post them on your blog. (And link back to this post for the rules). Share in the nerdtastic wordgasm!

Halloween: To Slut or Not to Slut

Vampires, goblins, ghosts – and whores?

Fetch the smelling salts – this is a small tribute to an overstated moral dilemma when it comes to a holiday so removed from its original purpose and meaning: how women (and girls) are allowed to dress sexier – or sluttier, depending on your view – on Halloween. That’s for true feminists and uber-conservatives to debate about. All I have to say is this: if it doesn’t hurt anyone, then let it be. If it doesn’t take away your ability to eat, breathe, or watch reruns of “Friends” on a lonely Friday night, then it just shouldn’t matter. So who cares that women dress in tantalizingly unrealistic mock-ups of law enforcement officials, educators, pirates, and condiments?

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Costumes

Yo quiero Taco Bell

Does the increase in the depth of cleavage suck up the oxygen in the air like a vacuum? Does the extra exposure of skin force you to shield your eyes for fear of creating cataracts- nay, blinding! your tender sensibilities? (Smelling salts at the ready). Oh, the depravity! Oh, the diminished light of innocence and purity! What has our society come to? (You should read up on a chapter of¬†history of the parents of western civilization. I promise it’s related). Think of the children! (Yes, let’s shelter your kids even more so that they become as well-adjusted and socially savvy as you).¬†

First Day on the Internet Kid Meme

And I don’t apologize for the use of “slut” and “whore” liberally. It is true that all words carry common connotations and associations with them. These two words are most often used derisively and pejoratively. However, it is also true that the baggage of these words can be used to counter the stigma – to empower rather than to demean. And if/when such terms are thrown at you disdainfully with the intent to maim, brush it off. Are you a really a “slut” or a “whore“? Or are you just enjoying yourself, not harming anyone in the process? So go! Slut it up and have fun. (Don’t you dare even think “YOLO.” Grr).

I do apologize (not really) for being preachy on Halloween, when you’re supposed to party, watch horror movies, and get sick on booze and candy. And I do apologize (actually) for such a half-assed Halloween post.

So Happy Halloween to all and to all a freaky, fantastic night. !

And be sure to Trick as well as Treat:

Got a great Halloween story? A prank? Any thoughts about the moral fiber of this holy of holy days? Share your two cents in the comments section below.